And a ring made from a spoon

You remember that song by Tom Waits called “Hold On”? You remember there’s a lyric in that song …”With charcoal eyes and Monroe hips…” oh wait. No, that isn’t the lyric I’m thinking of. It’s the lyric:

He gave her a dimestore watch and a ring made from a spoon
Everyone’s looking for someone to blame
“You share my bed you share my name
Well go ahead and call the cops; you don’t meet nice girls in coffee shops.”
She said “baby I still love you.
Sometimes there’s nothing left to do, but you’ve got to hold on.
Take my hand; stand right here. You gotta hold on.”

You don’t remember?


Well, here’s the video to refresh your memory:

Remember a while back I said I wanted a ring made from a spoon? In fact, just yesterday I said that to my saucy co-worker. Well, guess what I found today at Sundog?

That’s right. I found a ring made from a spoon. It has made my whole day.






One response to “And a ring made from a spoon”

  1. The Ms. S Avatar
    The Ms. S

    Love the song and the ring.

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