An ancient archived post

Bee image by Andreas Krappweis - from stock xchange.
Bee image by Andreas Krappweis – from stock xchange.

Here is my new favourite post I have ever made on my blog, ever. In the history of things I have posted on my blog. In going through an old backup copy of the blog, I stumbled upon this post draft from 16 November, 2011.







Here is a very long post about bees.




That’s it. That’s the whole post. I added that bee picture because it’s awesome. It’s by Andreas Krappweis (you can see more of Andreas’ stuff at his website, here:, and I found it on Stock Xchng. The terms of Mr. Krappweis’ license indicate he wants to know how his images are being used – so I sent him a link to this post. Hi! I love your bee picture!






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