Ahhhhh…(big stretch)

THAT’S better.

We drove down a squiggly road that wound beside a squiggly river.
We took the long cuts instead of the shortcuts.
We walked along the side of the road and found treasures:
a blue thing, a red reflective deer, and pocketsful of rocks.
We knocked on the doors of every gopher hole we found (we found a lot)
but none of the gophers were home.
We heard them trilling out in the field.
We walked along the berm
We took a detour onto the train bridge.
We tossed rocks in the swollen river.
A beaver swam by, then trudged up the river, then swam away.
We jumped in puddles
and squolked in mud
There were slides down six slides, and on the way home,
We found a stick.

The laundry is flapping on the line, and our sun-warmed faces beam huge smiles.

Thank you, Spring, for this day
with my baby.

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.

i make squee noises when you tell me stuff.

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