+2 Boots of Walking

I dreamt I was in a store, and the lady showed me a pair of “shoes”. They were Japanese something-or-other shoes, and they were actually just vaguely foot sized leaf-shaped pieces of wood. They’d been found, not cut, and on the bottom of them were these four chopstick looking things on their ends.

I was unsure about these ‘shoes’, but the Lady said, “try them on!” and so I did. Immediately, I began to move. But I wasn’t walking. But The shoes were making me move. I walked past people and landscapes, through the outdoor mall and over hills and through playgrounds.

And if I thought about going faster, well, I went faster. And if I thought about stopping, I stopped. And I didn’t move my feet, and the shoes didn’t move, but I was moving. Not teleporting either, but actually moving *as though* walking…

And there were other things happening too. But I’ve already forgotten them.

Also, I need more folks to play in my LARP. So I’ll be blitzing the place, beating the proverbial bushes to find more players. I need you!






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