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  • Snow Sky – NaBloPoMo Day 5

    I don’t like snow skies. I don’t like grey air and grey skies. Not one bit. I look at the ground a lot when there’s sky-poop happening. I don’t mind when the sky poop lands and it’s all pretty and sparkly and new and fresh and why the shit did I only wear sandals to […]

  • It’s about more than typos

    It’s about more than typos

    Why should you hire an editor? I mean, your neighbour, who taught high school English, looked over your manuscript and said it was really good, so probably it doesn’t need any work, right? Or you gave it to a friend who has a degree in English literature and they said it was fine. In fact, […]

  • Dear Diary

    Because my friend Rhea is doing an art project looking for teenage angst diary entries, I share the following with you. Those of you who know the epic tale “I coulda cried” will recognize some of these events. Note: these are actual journal entries – a handful out of THREE FULL DIARIES. I know CBC has […]

  • Jargon is the death knell of business planning

    Allow me this one small dalliance into negativity. It won’t take long, and it’s about jargon. In this case, it’s specifically about business/financial jargon, but every group has its own set of nonsensical words that may have a specific meaning in their particular setting, but which become ridiculous outside of that setting. Jargon is basically […]

  • Trying doesn’t cut it

    I’m trying real hard, but I just don’t have the discipline to sit down and find a quiet place to do much writing. It’s driving me bats. I’ve written a few things for Prairie Dog (hi guys! Love you! *waving like a freak*), just little things that are fun and quick. I’ve done a few […]

  • Money for Nothing

    Copyright is, at its simplest form, the method by which creators are paid for their work. It is a registration of an intellectual property (IP). It says “the creator has the right to charge, or not to charge, money for you to use this”. It’s not a form of censorship (and no court would rightfully […]

  • A tisket, a tasket…

    What the crap is a tisket, anyway? Or, for that matter, a tasket? You know what, it doesn’t really matter. I’m’a just make it up. And I’m’a write about it. And the thing I write is going to be called “The Great Tisket; or, An Adventure in Tasket”. AND IT WILL BE MAGNIFICENT. A short […]

  • This may be the best thing I have ever written 

    I found this little gem on my Twitter feed via timehop. Part of me wishes it were fiction.                      It’s always an adventure when you’re me.  

  • A letter

    I wanted to write to you, to tell you that I’m trying really hard to be positive right now. That I’m trying really hard to think about the things that can go right instead of the things that have gone wrong. I wanted to write and tell you about my friend who’s had his heart […]

  • A Gift of the Prairie

    A Gift of the Prairie

    THE BOOK THAT MY POEMS ARE IN IS HERE! THE BOOK THAT MY POEMS ARE IN IS HERE!! Extra points if you can name the reference there. It’s called A Gift of the Prairie and it is published by the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre. This was a project co-ordinated (and edited) by the inimitable […]