Tag: crossing the line

  • Drunlsweet

    Yesterday morning, I had a PROCEDURE done. A medical PROCEDURE. The doctor came in to talk to me, asked what the problem is, and I told him. He asked, “do you drink?” I said, “Not really.” He said, “Why not?” And I thought that was odd. I mean, I do have a drink now and […]

  • More Than This

    The man I spent the night in bed beside is a teacher. We were in a hotel in a town a few hours from home, and it’s not like anyone would talk even if they knew. There was a tournament on, or perhaps it was a band festival, because all of the hotels in that […]

  • In the dark of the night

    I have slipped away from you. I crept out of bed, kissing you lightly on the cheek, then tiptoed from the room. Actually, I didn’t tiptoe; I walk softer on the outside soles of my feet. Softly down the stairs, so quietly not even the cat opened an eye. I made a sandwich and poured […]

  • Miss Interpretation

    I think I did something Wrong. The Captain has had buddies over this week; he has friends whose company I quite enjoy….and he has friends whose company I find trying. I would be surprised if it were otherwise, to be honest. He has a couple of friends who, I’m sure, will come into their own […]

  • I’m not fond of that

    I started telling this story on Twitter, but then I thought that was dumb. Last night, The Captain was (as the kids say) “linesing” for a hockey game. This does not have anything to do with cocaine or the blue and red paint they use to paint the LINES on the hockey ice. It’s his […]

  • Gender bias

    So I’ve run into this a shocking number of times recently, and it’s really starting to piss me off. In all of the correspondence for football, and in much of the correspondence for hockey, people talk about “your son” this and “the boys” that. I have at least one friend who thinks (wrongly) that girls […]

  • When “no” means “well, as long as I’m here…”

    You probably already know that this story bothers me. It bothers me for a couple of reasons. But first, let’s get some things out of the way. I don’t believe that people who take their clothes off are being marginalised or objectified. In some cases, perhaps, but for the most part, I love nekkidity. If […]

  • If you’re getting rid of something…

    I have a couple of friends who are convinced Canada should do away with the Canadian Human Rights Commisison (which only really deals with discrimination in situations concering federally regulated institutions). Or the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. Or both. I don’t think my friends are against human rights. I don’t think they believe that discrimination […]

  • The truth is…

    The American homeland security folks (National Bouncers, if you will) are a mite testy (and understandably so) after the schmo with the exploding underpants failed to keep his drawers dry enough to *use* his Go-Go-Gadget-Gotch. There are increased screenings, reductions in permissable carry-on items (books are no longer banned from flights, apparently), and mandatory pat-downs […]