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This weekend past, a good friend of mine got married. It was pretty awesome. He married, as TUO pointed out, a ninja supermodel…and yes, the entire thing was surreal. The Vedic ceremony was gorgeous. The Roman Catholic Blessings made me think about something I’ve never thought about before, and the Civil ceremony was very civil. I spent the entire day coveting saris. I wanted that one, and that one, and that one, and that one…oh. And that one. ESPECIALLY that one.

As it was, without any prior consultation (and living several thousand kilometres apart), TUO and I managed to have gone shopping together and planned out our entire wardrobe. Right down to the jewelry made from spoons and the handmade shawls (although why either of us thought to wear shawls on a 30+ degree day, I’ll never know).

Then we Saw People we Have Not Seen in quite some time. And Beautiful Dancer and R:tAG both asked me the same question. About whether I’ve sent anything away for publication. And it got me thinking again about this. I think the problem is that I’m just stuck at the half-done stage of mostly everything. And for some reason, I just haven’t sent much stuff away to literary magazines and stuff. I think it’s a confidence thing, really.

Anyway. Yeah. Lots of stuff going on. Not a lot of substance to the bournal post.






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