Wide-Eyed and Shocked

You know what really gets me? What really gets me is when you’re at the pool or the gym or something and you go to change because you are IN THE CHANGE ROOM and people stare at you and make little uncomfortable coughing noises because you’re naked. Or half-naked.

What, do you expect me to take my clothes into the toilet stall and put them on in there?

We all have the same equipment, people, and if you can’t handle that, then I think you have some serious problems. SERIOUS PROBLEMS. I’m not sure if you know this, but in order to change your clothes, you must at some point be naked. And there is nothing wrong with nakidity.






4 responses to “Wide-Eyed and Shocked”

  1. T. Avatar

    That’s completely a chick thing. I’ve had a few female friends tell me that they go into a toilet stall to change their clothes. I’ve never heard of a guy doing that.

  2. brielle128 Avatar

    What picks the lint from my knickers…are the moms in the pool change rooms who bring in the 10 year old boys. Or conversely 10 yr old girls into the males change rooms. And the men do NOT have stalls to change in.
    that picks me.
    Cuz…for reals? nakidity is ok. Just not in front of aware kids of other people. My kids have seen me and know enough to run away screaming when mom un-pops the wonder-woman suit. But these poor kids don’t know.

    just sayin’.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      I don’t have a problem with ten year old opposite gender kids in the changeroom. In fact, I wouldn’t have a problem with fully-grown people of opposite gender in the changeroom.


      But seriously, folks. I don’t have a problem with it.

      The bottom line is that unless a facility has a shared/family changeroom, it’s often necessary to do that. What bothers me is that these kids are uncomfortable with seeing naked bodies. That’s very, very sad.

  3. brielle128 Avatar

    I hear you…and usually I’m not that prudish…but remember, I’m a teacher. Of Kids. And…I’m not comfortable with (potential) students seeing me in the buff.
    Maybe its a societal issue…not a personal one.
    I don’t think there is solving there. At least sadly, not in my lifetime.

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