Weekends are for mooks

Game 1 : Lions 2, Panthers 3. Lions outplayed the Panthers for the final two-thirds of the game, and some rather suspect officiating during the last minute of the game had one of the Lions’ assistant coaches a little hot under the collar. cenobyte has devised a plan by which the puck is substituted for one containing SUPER MAGNETS. Lions goalies will be advised how to polarise the charges on the centre goalpost.

After the game: Sherlock Holmes (the movie, which ought to have been called “The Case of the Mysterious Device”) was okay. Not great, but okay. While Robert Downey, Jr. Was the *perfect* choice for a laudanum-addled cocaine freak, he wasn’t Sherlock Holmes. He did an excellent job and I loved the way he played the character, but it ought to have been someone who actually LOOKED like Holmes. Tall, skinny, with dark hair and eyes. Robert Downey, Jr. has dark hair and eyes. And, like I said, has the cocaine addict thing down like yesterday’s news. Mostly everything else was okay. SCIENCE!!!

Some brat with ear buds and pants hanging down around his knees wants the public computer, so I shall be charitable (also, I want to go eat breakfast). Pull up your pants, you dweeb.






4 responses to “Weekends are for mooks”

  1. Amy Avatar

    I liked the move *far* more than I was expecting to, so that was a pleasant surprise. There were so many references to the books!

    p.s. Why are your verification words so cool? Mine’s ‘hoggesse’ now, which I love. Hoggesse oblige!

  2. cenobyte Avatar

    My verification words are so cool because this is the centre of the universe!

    I liked the movie more than *I* expected to, as well, but had some hiccoughs. Plus, I nerded out at the HORRIBLE EFFING CONTINUITY ERROR (apparently the Thames is bone-dry). That being said, I did enjoy the movie, and all the references to the books was delightful (did I mention I’m reading two collections of ‘in the style of Conan Doyle’? Gaslight Grimoire and Gaslight Grotesque – the second one is very much like this movie).

  3. Dirk Captoon Avatar
    Dirk Captoon

    Centre goal post?

  4. cenobyte Avatar

    @Dirk Captoon: YEAH! The one in the middle at the back…

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