I think it’s hilarious that Venerated (as in His Most Venerated Holy Father Saint Whoever of Whatsit) and Venereal have the same root word (“veneris” – beauty/love). Considering the rash (snigger) of “breakup with Stephen Harper videos” that have been making the rounds (*snort*) on the YouTubes, it got me thinking, the ‘venerated’ PM gets around. Just like a venereal disease.

I’m sorry to disappoint you. I have not made a breakup video. Because I never dated Stephen Harper.

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  1. While watching some of the breaking up with Harper videos I was amazed that some of, okay all of them, would even go out wish him in the first place. He is a married man after all. I got to thinking that if I were to make a breaking up with Harper video it would be me reminding him yet again that we are not and never will be an item. He just isn’t my kinda guy.

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