Two-Fifty for a Highball

This drink here is called a Cuba Libre, according to Captain Dan. It was decidedly more than two fifty, and the lime makes *all* the difference. Amazing little fruit, that lime. This photo was taken shortly after Captain Dan shot lemon juice in my eye, thus beginning the Great Citrus Skirmish of ’11. To be fair, my reaction to being shot in the eye with lemon juice was to immediately shoot lime juice in my *other* eye. Perhaps the Great Citrus Skirmish wasn’t so great after all.

I just thought I’d let you know that I’m going to SACKVILLE (snigger). Yes, I know there is a place in the Maritimes called Dildo, and yes, I know there’s probably a place called “stick it in me bum”, but dudes. SACKVILLE (snigger). Apparently, they have good pizza in SACKVILLE (snigger). I’m going to SACKVILLE (snigger) to see my little brother, who I have not seen for probably close to ten years. I also get to meet his GAY LOVER, which is going to be Very Exciting. Not because the man is my bro’s GAY LOVER, but because he’s the man my bro is in love with, and people loved by people I love are always Very Exciting to meet.

Anyhow, that’s about all I have for you today. I’ll probably stop in Moncton for lunch.

Oh, and this, which, as I pointed out on Effbook, explains an awful lot about my good friend Mister Australia. It was never Free Chad’s fault in the first place (which is what *I* have been contending for the past thirteen years or so).

This post has been brought to you today by Cuba Libre and other copious amounts of liquor, a man paralyzed from the waist down, and pizza with gay men in SACKVILLE (snigger).

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