Today is a day of coughery

The Captain was convinced last night that he was going to DIE because he contracted a terrible chest cold/flu on his Away Trip for hockey. He was flipping out, panicking, hyperventilating, and screaming about how he was going to DIE! So we called the Health Line (do you use the Health Line? It’s bloody amazing, and a really good investment of tax dollars – nine times out of ten, they advise you to stay home because you’re just being an overly paranoid person and/or you’re too sick to be in a hospital, but one time out of ten, they tell you “that kind of pain is definitely NOT NORMAL and you should GET TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM as soon as possible”.)

Seriously. If you’re wondering if you need to go to the emergency room, or if you should be seeing a doctor about something, call the Health Line. You’ll talk to a nurse, and I think it’s a really good service. You’re probably not the sort of person who “goes doctoring” anyway, but it really is handy when you’re on the cusp of panicking about something.

Anyway. The Captain did NOT DIE. He is, however, staying home today with his Da so that he can (The Captain) recover for our trip to meet my International Literary Boyfriend, Mr. Neil Gaimantomorrow.






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