Tiny Feet

I look at The Nipper’s feet, which are *considerably* smaller than The Captain’s were, and I think about the first day I met him. He was wrinkly and covered in vernix, and he had the world’s most confused look on his face. His face was all smooshed up (so was yours when you made that, the shortest, and most important journey of your life…you can travel all over the world, deep under the sea, even into space, and you will never again make a journey like that one. You’ll never travel such a great distance in so short of a space ever again) and he was Very Concerned.

I held his tiny hand, and smiled at his tiny feet, with his wee toes all splayed out. I said, “hello, baby.” He said, “NNngggggeeeiiiiiiuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhh!”

I said, “We’ve been waiting an awfully long time to meet you.”

He said, “guh, guh, guh, nnnnnggeeeuiiiiieeeuuugaaaaaahhhhh!!!”

I said, “welcome.”

His Nibs said, “He’s perfect. Just like you.”






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