Timmy’s down the well?

I’ve done something I said I would never do.

Technically, I’ve done three things I said I would never do.

1) I used coupons to purchase a product at a discount;

2) I purchased (or rather, attempted to purchase) items that had been featured in a flyer (normally I just recycle the flyers automatically); and

3) I participated in a somewhat heated argument on someone else’s Effbook wall with someone I don’t know (and don’t care to know) about some other people I don’t know, regarding a situation I had absolutely no business sticking my nose in. And the funniest thing about the whole deal is that I totally didn’t mean to.

I mean, yeah, okay, is it even possible to *accidentally* get caught up in what amounts to little more than an alt-dot-net-dot-goth-dot-fashion flame war?


Would you like to know the *reason* I got involved in this idiocy?

Because the guy to whom I was replying could barely be understood. I mean, I know that I’m the odd duck out in thinking that grammar and spelling conventions are *even more* important in texts and IMs and Effbook updates than they are in spoken language, but seriously. The guy’s trying to make an argument and you need to pack a lunch and hire a sherpa to try to figure out where his point is and what he’s trying to say. Which doesn’t help the poor lad’s case AT ALL.

So all I did was point out a fallacy in one of his ‘facts’. Because I’m a shit disturber. I mean a poop swirler. Sorry.

And you know what? I felt …oddly exhilarated! But I kind of suck at being a total jerk, because even though the fellow I was …flaming? with seemed to get really angry and called me an American (*snigger*), I didn’t call him names and try to belittle him. I just wanted to prove a point.

Anyway. I kind of enjoyed that.

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  1. There is a base and horrible pleasure in internet flames. Being able to unleash the rage in a way that means nothing is somewhat freeing and cathartic. I dig on it when I get the chance.

    Don’t worry Ceno, you’re still a ‘good’ person. :)

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