This is what happens when I'm left on my own

Road Rage and I went for lunch yesterday at one of my favourite restaurants in Toon Town. I feel no shame in mentioning it: we went to Calories. At Calories, I bought some cheese. Some garlic and chive cheese. (I also bought some chocolates, but this isn’t about the chocolates.)

I spent the evening sitting in bed, reading a book, and eating garlic and chive cheese out of the package, with no crackers, no knife, and no fork.

It’s good cheese.

I’m so bohemian.

If you’re in the Toon Town area, the Saskatchewan InDemand thingummy has all kinds of wool/yarn folk. Three or four Alpaca places, and Golden Willow Natural Fibre (my favourite knitting store) has a booth there as well. Y’all should come. And buy books. Heh.






5 responses to “This is what happens when I'm left on my own”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Just in case Cenobyte doesn’t check her email today(since she is working) and you want to go today…. the SaskInDemand thing is: hours and admission and such are all on the ex’s site. Hope that helps you two connect.Road Rage

  2. melistress Avatar

    Wait! What? Where? Where ARE you? Call me. I’ll bring Bonnie and some crackers and maybe some wine for your cheese. Or maybe just more cheese. I’ll e-mail you my cell number.

  3. Jenn Avatar

    I want cheese. Can I be a bohemian too? What is required to live this life? Is there much schooling involved? Will I need to sell my children to gypsies? Can I sell them even if it is not specifically required?

  4. cenobyte Avatar

    it’s also on tomorrow from 10am til 5pm. And I have a headache.bah. stupid bohemian lifestyle. Where’s my damn cheese?

  5. cenobyte Avatar

    Jenn, of course you can be bohemian too! I’ll get you some cheese. I think the only requirements are that you’re willing to be a little lax about income and strict personal hygeine and you should have a celtic background (did you know the Bohemians were a tribe of Celts!? Did you know that? That’s so cool). But then the French made everything confusing. Anyway, yeah, you can sell your kids to gypsies, but only if they’re *very* naughty. It’s better if you don’t sell them to gypsies, though, because then you can send them out into the street wearing rags to beg for cheese.

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