This is True

NyQuil sends dreams to me of
l’histoire: my first love
broke my heart. He has it still.

Well, not the WHOLE thing.

Just that little flittery bit that I probably wasn’t using anyway.

True story.

That is all.





3 responses to “This is True”

  1. Cori Avatar

    I often have dreams of my first love. They leave me sad and yearning.

    He unwittingly kept most of the pieces of my heart, and I have yet to get those back.

    I think I decided I didn’t need them any more when I broke up with him.

  2. da knaptoon Avatar
    da knaptoon

    Just another drugstore stoner….
    Interesting to know how you identified this cad as your first love, since you are clearly no wallflower — was it the fact that he broke your heart that told you he was a love in the first place? Was he even aware of what he’d done? Whose heart do you think was the first you broke?

  3. cenobyte Avatar

    Well, he was no cad.

    He knew he was breaking my heart. He watched it happen.

    How did I know he was my first love? Because I was scared to death and ran away.

    I think the first heart I broke was most likely my mother’s.

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