This is the way

Okay, this is the thing.

I have a few things I’d like to talk about; a few posts to make. But there’s a Porblem. And the Porblem is that I just haven’t gobs of time to physically sit down and write them.

And my co-worker has just come up with the Best Thing Ever: Einstein’s theory of special button relativity. Which is closely related to the problem of Shroedinger’s button hole. Maybe some day, I can explain these concepts to you.

Then again, maybe someday the roast will cook itself.

It’s been an odd day, Marcy. An odd day.






One response to “This is the way”

  1. Der Kaptin Avatar
    Der Kaptin

    Special button relativity is child’s play. I heard it was his wife’s idea. It’s the Uniform Button Theory, with it’s Thread Theory corollary that really comes to grips with the fabric of the space-time collar.

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