The problem

I’ve been listening to protest songs and all the peacenik, commune-loving hippie music I can get my hands on (it all started two days ago with the ‘anarchist’ bookstore purchases (“Turning the Tide” bookstore in Saskatoon has all kinds of interesting things), and then yesterday with the celebration of Pete Seeger’s music, which pretty much had me slamming my hands against the steering wheel on the way home, cross with myself for having allowed my disgust for armed conflict to weaken over the past ten years.

Yes, it’s true…I *am* the filthy hippie – that’s what my friend Jenn’s husband Ian calls me. I’m not sure if he thinks of it as a derogatory nickname or not, but it really isn’t. I’m going to go make some granola, turn up the Peter, Paul, and Mary, and I’m going to wander around the house today wearing as little as possible. I’m’a do my best to commune with the earth and think derisive thoughts about governments’ military policies.

I’m going to go and think and dream about how I can make the world a Better Place (I know, and you can just save the comments about how not being a tree-hugging communist will be a good start). Right now, The Nipper and I are sharing a pot of Vanilla Tulsi tea while I attempt to get rid of the sick that Saskatoon gave me.






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  1. Viper Pilot Avatar
    Viper Pilot

    If you want to fix something, you have to examine it so you know how it works! (Something in this case being ‘the world’, a suggestion as per your ‘How do I make it a better place’ quest. (My grandad was a mechanic and my dad an electrical engineer – does it show?))

  2. cenobyte Avatar

    I don’t know. I *think* I’m the sort of person who can make people feel better. But ultimately, I really don’t know. A teacher?

  3. Der Kaptin Avatar
    Der Kaptin

    “The walls are comin down, between the West and the East
    You don’t have to be a hippie to believe in peace.” —
    Joe Jackson, “That’s Obvious”

    You don’t have to change the world. You have to help toilet train the world and then it won’t need to be changed again.

    Be the change you want to see — Ghandi

    Platitudes are us.

    Some people are gifted to help build the walls of houses for the needy. Some people are gifted to help tear down the walls of misunderstanding between us, and then to help keep them down. What are you gifted to do?

  4. cenobyte Avatar

    Yeah. I know that. The question is, where do I start?

    My granddad was also a mechanic! And my other granddad was an engineer (mechanical). How weird is that!!??

  5. cenobyte Avatar

    Coyote: You really oughta warn a guy before you do that.

    Just for the record, I am *totally* not weepy. At all. Like, not at all.

  6. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    Ahhh Ceno. I love you. I love it when I see you write these things. We can go protest some armed conflict together.

    And I know what you’re good at. It’s in one of those platitudes.

    For as long as I’ve known you, you’ve been one of the few people who are ‘comfortable in their skin.’ You may not be, but you certain seem it. You demand equal rights, and embrace the fact that your breasts are natural wonders to be stared at. You curse like a trucker, belch louder than anyone I know, can argue with me about Joyce, discuss the Romantics, and are terrified to have your children see you smoke. You can be incredibly harsh and direct, yet with such caring that it feels good to hear it.

    You’re mom. You’re the mom everyone deserves. You are one of the greatest examples of womanhood I’ve ever seen. You inspire others with your verve and joy, and touch others with your rage and sorrow.

    In case you didn’t know this, you change the world on a daily basis. I’m sure if I took a poll of everyone who’s known you, and the question was ‘Has Cenobyte ever changed your life?’ I’m pretty sure the result would be 100% yes. That changes the world. You want bigger results? Well … you’ve been given a few opportunities and denied them because at your core you are mom.

    Oh and Little Bear? Yeah you’re one of her new heroes. That makes me happy.

    There’s more I could say but I think the point is made. My ‘punch’ so to speak. :)

    Oh and thanks.

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