The Castle

The day of the Pee and Pee and Zed wedding has arrived. The horde (that being His Nibs and The Nipper and The Captain and me) are staying at The Castle on the rverbank. Last night, the couple-to-be had a prenuptual shindig, and I swear this is the worst interface by which to make a bournal post I have ever encountered. I’m using the TeeVee. Apparently one can only type approximately twenty words per minute on The TeeVee, or else it cannot like your letters.

Anyhow, the shindig was tres fun, primarily because of all the folks w don’t often see al in one place anymore. Note I have given up on correcting the TEEVEE’s reticence with some letters.

More later – now, last minute costume aterations. *SIGH* aLterations.

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