Technical Difficulties

Two folks have now informed me that they receive notice when I update this bournal, but that they cannot see the posts. I know that at least two folks can see the posts, and the bournal in its full glory.

I have a crackpot theory.

My crackpot theory is that folks in Saskatoon cannot see the bournal because there is a kind of cosmic interference between the bournal’s pure awesome and The King’s pure awesome. The King, you see, lives in Saskatoon. And is convinced he is made of pure awesome. Which he very well may be. However, I *do* know that the bournal is made of pure awesome, because I made it. And I made it out of pure awesome.

So. If you can see the Bournal and the updates, please post an “AHOY!” in the comments. If you cannot see the Bournal and the updates, tear off all your clothing and run around in the street screaming “It’s so UNFAIR!” and throw in a couple of rousing choruses of “THE BELLS!!! THE BELLS!!!” while you’re at it. If you can see the bournal but choose not to read it, you’re being a poop.

cenobyte is a writer, editor, blogger, and super genius from Saskatchewan, Canada.


  1. Can you see me? I’m naked and beside the Senator hotel! And I am singing and screaming my lungs out.

    Although I suspect you already knew that since I am one of the two having a hissy fit over not seeing your posts anymore.

  2. Melistress – Man. You’re HAWT! Do that thing with your tush again!

    Cori – Can you now see the last couple of them? (WHEEEE!)

  3. **shakes her tush**

    But this time in Celebration!

    I can see them! I can I can! I really really can! Now I don’t feel so shut out. :-)

  4. The neighbours were not pleased with my antics and I changed the chorus to “it’s because it’s cold! COLD!”.

    I can, however, now see this post and the last two.

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