Tag: True stories

  • I will survive

    I am a woman. This probably won’t shock you. I am a woman, I am a feminist, I am a mother, I am a lover…I am many things. But I want to tell you about something I am not. I am not afraid. Oh sure, I have fear. I worry about my family, about the […]

  • It ain’t easy

    This is a difficult post for me to write. To be honest, I don’t even know if it’ll ever get posted publicly. I’m not particularly good at this sort of thing, and the idea that people use their blogs to kind of…I dunno…bleed out all over the place gives me the squickies. So I don’t […]

  • When I say that something

    The club was hot, smoky. Bass reverberated off of everyone’s sternum. The lineup for the ladies’ was around the corner and the gents just sprinted upstairs to piss in the alley. She sat at a sticky table. She wore a red satin dress. She wanted to leave. Then you sat down across from her. You […]

  • I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

    We have come to my childhood home for ExMass. I haven’t been “home” for Christmas since the year before Mum died. Ive been back to the house many times with the boys, but not in winter. not at Christmas. This was always her holiday. We arrived after supper and decorated the tree. I went from […]

  • What Really Happened

    I figure you would like to know what happened here over the last few days but are too embarrassed to ask. So I’ll just go from the beginning with the short version. Wednesday I come home from work with an extremely sore throat and an inflamed tonsil. I have not had problems with my tonsils […]

  • Education

    In the ongoing series of things I learn every day, this post is the ‘what I learned last night’ flagship. It’s important to learn something every day. My fifth grade teacher said that every time we learn something, a new wrinkle forms in our brains. I spent the summer between fifth and sixth grades reading […]