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    You know, it’s unusual for me to get this upset about something I see on effbook status updates. I mean, there’s a *reason* I don’t do effbook very much anymore, and the sheer number of idiots posting shite that makes me grind my teeth is one of them. Usually, I read something stupid, and then […]

  • The Inevitable

    You might not know this about me, but in a little under three weeks, I am going to be going to the Greater Metro Lumsden Downtown Core Community Hall to do some serious, *serious* civic duty. Hardcore civic duty. And so in the lead-up to my hardcore civic duty badassery, I have been following, with […]

  • Not my strong suit

    International politics and history. Not my strong suit. I don’t know much about history (in fact, I am in awe of people who can remember historical facts, figures, names, important events, etc.). There were plenty of people in my circle of friends who knew all kinds of things about military uprisings, civil wars, injustice, and […]

  • Dance the dance

    When I was in high school, they didn’t have anything as cool as bellydance class or recreational rugby or anything like that. There were two kinds of dance in my home town, near as I can tell: line dancing and “ethnic dancing”, the latter including, jazz/tap (New York Jews), highland (funny-talking Scots), and ballet (Frenchmen), […]

  • Yet Another Thing

    Okay, so I think the real problem here is that Yours Truly has been watching daytime television. This is a Bad Plan. Because you know what? I think I’m beginning to understand something. And that something is that most of the people in ‘popular culture’, if daytime television is to be believed, are, if you’ll […]

  • But, you see, that’s not the point

    Recently, a few of the folks on whose eff-lists Yours Truly may appear on the effbook have indicated their affinity for groups like: “If I have to take a drug test to qualify for a job, you should have to take a drug test to qualify for Welfare”. This really makes me angry. I know […]

  • When “no” means “well, as long as I’m here…”

    You probably already know that this story bothers me. It bothers me for a couple of reasons. But first, let’s get some things out of the way. I don’t believe that people who take their clothes off are being marginalised or objectified. In some cases, perhaps, but for the most part, I love nekkidity. If […]

  • That’s a SERIOUS phobia

    Go and read this article from CBC about a house fire that was started purposely. Sad, house fires. Dangerous. People die. I draw your attention to the following quote from that article: “And my cousin’s like, ‘my house is on fire,’ and I asked her what happened, and she said there was a spider on […]

  • Why you should never, ever use the word "Myself" the way you think it's okay to use it. Because it's not. Okay to use it that way. Trust me.

    “Myself” is a bit like a dildo. WHOA, CENOBYTE!!! THAT’S TOTALLY TMI!!! No, seriously. Stay with me here. I’m’a get back to that. As I pointed out to Viper Pilot in one of the comments down there, formal English (Smarty Pants, we’ll save the ‘but that’s how people talk’ discussion for later, because you know […]