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  • Protected: Medical Records Rant: Update

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  • Protected: Beware: Rant

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  • Mr. Grinch

    There is an unwritten, often unmentioned social contract that takes place when you do what you think is something selfless. We like to think that we are altruistic. That is, unselfish; showing concern for others. And by and large, I think we are. We can always do more, of course. There are some things we […]

  • She’s my cherry pie

    Here’s a problem. Some people seem to think that sexual or romantic attention is a *gift*. They seem to think that all we do is sit around waiting for someone to tell us that we’re pretty or sexy or that we want to know what they would like to do to us. I don’t want […]

  • Head Like a Hole

    First, I’d like you to go to Netflix and watch a documentary called “Head Games”. It’s about brain damage due to contact sport. It talks about concussions in football, hockey, and boxing. And entertainment wrestling (not greco-roman wrestling). It’s an incredibly interesting and well-done documentary. One of the really good question it raises is why […]

  • Without You

    I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s strange, and I don’t believe you’re gone. I never thought of picturing a world without you in it. I don’t want to picture that world now. I wonder if she mourned you or whether your death came as a relief. Whether she stood in the living room with […]

  • Walk a Mile

    A few days ago, I had one of those “eff you, I’m turning off the radio and all y’all are just a bunch of paint-sniffing reticulated jerk muffins” moments. It was about Idle No More. If you’re Canadian and you haven’t heard about this grassroots protest against legislation that may infringe upon our treaty rights. It’s an interesting movement and protest, and I think it’s starting to polarize the country in a way that few other things have in recent memory.

  • Freedom Has Consequences

    This article is about a London, Ontario man who posted a cruel comment on the memorial site for Amanda Todd (the 15-year-old Port Coquitlam, BC girl who committed suicide last week) and who was subsequently fired from his job after a woman from Airdrie, Alberta reported his comment to his employers. While the story shows an […]

  • Thinly Thought

    I wasn’t going to do this. I really wasn’t. But then something happened to a friend of mine and it got my knickers in a knot and I know I’m going to be skimming over vast chunks of the actual issues, but please bear with me because I’m a little ranty at the moment. Incidentally, […]

  • Dumb

    Okay, I guess I need to preface this post about the recall of infant chairs by reminding you that all parents are psychotic. All of us. First, we decide to host parasites. IN OUR BODIES. Or, if we choose not to host parasites in our bodies, we decide to purchase someone else’s discards. After the […]