Tag: Election 2015

  • SEP Field

    Let’s all think back to the first time we read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and learned about the ubiquitous SEP Field. That’s what…pardon? You don’t remember what that means? Oh. Okay, well, for those of you who “don’t remember” [stern glare] either the Hitchhiker’s Guide or the SEP Field, here’s a refresher from […]

  • Deba…cle

    A strange thing happens in Canadian election campaigns. Some media outlet offers up a “moderator” for a “debate” between candidates. Usually, this isn’t a debate. Usually, it’s a bunch of white dudes arguing with each other and talking over one another with someone else standing off to the side wondering where it all went wrong […]

  • sweet little lies

    Something I’ve learned ┬áis that there is absolutely nothing that makes someone angrier than when they get caught in a lie. This is my observation on what is currently happening in the Canadian election.

  • I got better

    I’m struggling here. On the one hand, it’s HILARIOUS that a political candidate was caught ON TAPE in his non-politics job urinating in a coffee cup while on the job in someone’s house (maybe the loo was occupado. Maybe he had a Condition. Maybe he was just really into his job and didn’t want to […]

  • How to get engaged in Canadian politics: an educational resource

    Here is a handy guide that will help you, disenfranchised Canadian, get engaged with and get involved in the upcoming (eventually, at the end of several more weeks of pre-election hell) federal election! The first step, as the number to the left would indicate, is to click every single link you see in social media […]

  • Get to know

    I’m pretty sure some of my local candidates in the NINE WEEK ELECTION CAMPAIGN (thanks for wasting taxpayer money on THAT) have me on all of their “do not call” lists. Ever since the great debacle of 2011 in which I asked the man who became my MP what his party’s platform was for supporting […]