Tag: dreams

  • The Haunted House

    I’ve dreamt of this house before, and often, it’s terrifying. It has a third floor we never go to because things follow us down from up there. It also kind of closes in on you, and the doors lock by themselves, and the sounds start coming at you from across the room…the footsteps of unseen […]

  • Sweet Dreams are Made of This…

    Sometimes, dreams are dreams. Usually they mean something. Often, they mean something quite powerful – if not about the Universe Around You, then certainly about the Universe Within You. You know by now that my dreams are always extremely vivid, and are very often incredibly brilliant. Just like me*. Last night, I dreamt I was […]

  • Temper tempo

    In general, I do not like yelling at people. I can be very good at it, and sometimes when I’m terribly upset and my hair is wild and spit is flying out of my mouth and my voice is cracking, well, those times, I feel like I should be weilding a broom or throwing a […]