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  • Welcome to Bass-Ackwards Canadian Policies

    When I heard this on the news, I was shocked. I don’t know why I was shocked, because Harper’s Conservatives have rescinded support for women’s groups, gay rights, and Aboriginal education, to name a few of their more dough-brained decisions. Maybe if you look at these things through some kind of government-sponsored tunnel, you won’t […]

  • Things Fall Apart

    Sometimes things go crazy. I have three friends who are struggling right now with the shite that piles up when kids do stupid things and make really bad bloody decisions. Bad decisions that can put their families in danger and that are tearing their parents up. And of course I’m terrified that these are some […]

  • Another amazing house

    Did you know that my friend AJ has an awesome house? He doesn’t even know how awesome his house is, because he’s never been there. It’s in a well-treed area of his city, and he has two hot tubs (one’s shaped like a coffin, but I’m not sure that’s on purpose). His back yard is […]

  • I think it’s time

    Poor old Tau. She’s eighteen human years old. That’s 140 cat years old. Poor old Tau is ready to die, and I’m ready to let her go. She’s been failing for the last two years, and..well, hell, she’s over a hundred years old! Tau has never been the sharpest crayon in the box, and her […]

  • Legacy

    My father’s had a number of offers on his land. Some of them, he says, have been made by folks with pretty deep pockets. My father is in his early sixties. He’s talked about retirement on and off for a couple of years. Once, when I asked my mother why Da didn’t just quit farming […]