Superstitious Flakes

The thing about being a superstitious flake is that you never really know where to draw the line on what’s TOO flaky and what’s just flaky enough.


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  1. That is a problem. I think an indication that one is a real flake is when one starts believing, I mean really, really believing their superstitions.

    One can believe in Ghosts, that can be kinda fun. But if one Really Really believes in ghosts, starts paying mediums to talk to the dead, thinks Ghost Whisperer is a true story and so on, then one is a flake. I’m not even saying ghosts aren’t real, their actual existence or not is irrelevant.

    The same likley holds for Aliens, all manner of new age hokey pokey, or even religion or left wing politics taken too far.

  2. Violent rednecks are not flakey though. Flakey is not mean. Dumb certainly, but not mean. People who are flakey mean well but are misguided. Using the bible as an excuse to be mean is still mean.

    I certainly do think there are religious flakes though who might be red necks. But it is there religion that is flakey, not their red neckery. But even so, those people are harmless, generally.

    Of course their harmlessness might not always be true. (Now that I think of some of the health care arguments in the States.) But generally, I think that flakes are harmless.

    And I suppose one could be flakey in part of their beliefs or lives but normal, or nutty, in other aspects.

    However, I may be splitting hairs.

  3. Rednecks are *totally* flaky when they’re using ancient texts to prove why it’s okay for them to beat their wives.

  4. Crazy right wing politics is never flakey. Scary in it’s worst incarnations, say the Nazis, or Red Necked in more extreme but not yet scary form. Red Necks are not flakey.

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