Still wondering about that

Seriously. What the hell happened to all the swings?

My Da says that “they” have been removing swings from schoolyards because of “all the injuries”. And I said, “you’re full of shite.”
And he said, “no. Seriously. ‘They’ are afraid of lawsuits.”
And I said “that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Next they’ll be only building play structures a foot off the ground so that little jimmy won’t fall and hurt his widdle foot.”
And my Da said, “wouldn’t surprise me.”

I don’t believe it. I mean, I don’t *want* to believe it, and so I choose not to. Who would be stupid enough to remove swings from playgrounds…SWINGS…which have been around since the DAWN OF TIME…because some kid might get hurt? Kids get hurt crossing the street all the time; are we going to get rid of streets too?






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  1. BPM-IV Avatar

    I’ll let you get into your pajamas of disbelief then. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    Ok – yes, that is why they are getting rid of them. There have been a couple incidents of kids either choking on the swings’ chains or getting their hair caught or kids breaking limbs by jumping from the swing whilst on an upward trajectory (and landing poorly).

    So, swings are now EEEEEEEvil. Ditto for all metal playsets. And gravel on the playground. And just about anything else you would recognize from your youth.

    Leading the charge are parents who are afraid that their precious little snowflake might sustain an injury while playing, so they feel the need to make the world around said child 100% risk-free.

    I won’t even start in about what said groups would say about a parent who would dare keep a deathtrap like a trampoline in their yard.

  2. brielle128 Avatar

    some places still have swings,…and forts…and swinging tires even.
    what kills me is they remove the swings and then just meh-whatever about the needles scattered like leaves. that bugs me.

    they still have swings at my kid’s school. they are rebels though.

  3. cenobyte Avatar

    That’s terrible.
    I mean, it’s not like it’s actually more dangerous for little jimmy to ride in his Mum’s big Jimmy to school every day. ::Sigh::
    Eventually, the only thing left to play with on the playground will be a single blade of grass. And then that will be taken away because of pesticides and herbicides.

  4. brielle128 Avatar

    lol….sure! Come on down. They are the big metal ones and oddly they are on the side of the school meant for little kids!! The big kids get basketball nets and one ball. No getting hurt there.

    If you cross the field too onto westview you can swimg with me on the swingint tractor tire.

  5. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    I remember being small and standing in the cab of my dad’s truck, leaning against him. And falling asleep like that.

    I remember trying to take my tricycle over a ramp the older kids had set up.

    I remember bicycling for 20 minutes everyday to the Regent Pool for lessons over the summer.

    I remember swinging on the swings and launching myself forward, and landing and rolling, learning the skills that would keep me from getting killed. :)

    I remember riding my bike out to the field north of where I lived and we turned that thing into our own little motocross rally race, flying over ramps, going down into dips and constantly wiping out without a single helmet in sight.

    I remember staying out until way after dark with my friends in the back yard, playing with GI Joes and Hot Wheels (Made of metal!) and then running down to the corner store for cokes, which included crossing one major road.

    I don’t remember any of my friends dying or even being seriously injured during any of these events.

    So, to quote someone, ‘Seriously’ gimmie back the fucking swings.

  6. YNWP Avatar

    I am reminded of my cousin, who, at age 2, told his mother, “I got nuffin’ to play wiff ‘cept my canker sore.”
    True story.

  7. cenobyte Avatar

    I’m’a drive by all the schools in this city, and I’m’a find your kids’ school, and I’m’a swing on their swings.

  8. Der Kaptin Avatar
    Der Kaptin

    I developed this theory that because of the change in body chemistry involved, we are actually superior people when we are in the process of healing a cut or a scar. It’s a very pragmatic theory, given my track record with the BandAid company.

  9. Parmeisan Avatar

    We swung on some swings just yesterday. Think it was Milliken. They’ve got like 3 sets of play structures – metal, wood, the works. We had great fun.

    I also remember launching myself off the top of the stairs and landing on my feet at the bottom. This skill took years to work up from launching myself from partway up.

    (Also, I *really* like the way comments work almost like they used to again.)

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