Some things are better left unsaid

And lo, “Beauty always comes with dark thoughts”; the angels gathered, and among them there was not one free of sin. The Kingdom Come game was very, very, very, very-very good. There were demons and angels and nephilim and nearly a crucifixion and a super magic knife and confession and mandates from kings and penance for murder and begged-for punishment for suicide.

All in all, it was a *really* good game.

And I must say, the folks who drove for a while really helped to make the event for me. Pictured at the left on the left is one of the sexiest men alive, besides His Nibs and my boyfriend Johnny Depp, and on the right is Ayla (one of our regular gorgeous and wonderful players). Mister Sexy is from Edmonton. And also, there were folk from Saskatoon, as you can see in the image on the right below.

In this photo, from left to right, you see O. Wode, TandG, and Girl Called Cat. They were all quite a lot of fun to talk to, and they also made the night a joy. I’m always flattered and pleased when folks take the time and effort to drive to our city for a game. I’m not sure what O. Wode is pontificating about here, but he seems very beatific, don’t you think? TandG was having a little sojourn on the Court Tables, but that was okay because the Kings hadn’t called Court to order yet. And Girl Called Cat just made me smile every time I heard her speak. Also; she has the most *amazing* eyes. And all three are Very Fun Folk. Thanks for coming down!!! And to our two re’glar S’toon folk (Nezrix and the man who gets nervous when someone shows up looking better in a suit than he does. This one makes me smile an awful lot), I think you’re both keeping me just about as passionate about this game as is possible at the moment. I mean *everyone* in the game is keeping me pretty passionate about it; it just gets so exciting when you know that your friends are travelling From Away to take part in a story that you are helping to tell.

Now, in this last photo, you will see the binary kitten. It makes me sad that we live so far apart, because if I had my druthers (currently, I am using someone else’s druthers, which works, but I’d really rather have my own) I’d get to see this amazing woman much, much more often. She sang and danced and leapt and bowed and consoled and conscripted. She arrived with Mister Sexy.






8 responses to “Some things are better left unsaid”

  1. Cori Quite Contrary Avatar
    Cori Quite Contrary

    Eep.If I had my druthers, I’d live much closer to you, too. Is there some way we could have your beautiful town airlifted to somewhere closer?

  2. Cori Quite Contrary Avatar
    Cori Quite Contrary

    Also, I looked much mussier than I had realized. *sigh*I suppose it’s hard to be a mere mortal when you’re entering with the Sexiest Man Alive ™

  3. Aelius Avatar

    I drove from the south end… that’s kinda far right…*narf*

  4. cenobyte Avatar

    Mussier was awesome! And you were perfect. A perfect complement for SMA.

  5. cenobyte Avatar

    *blush*Well. *blush*As for withdrawal the day after the game, might I suggest an in-character journal and/or heavy forum action? I know it’s not the same…

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    You run a *great* game, cenobyte. While the out-of-town players always add excitement to the game, and that night was no exception, I personally was barely able to interact with them as the local players had my full attention.One thing is definitely lacking though. You need to find a way to help your players through the withdrawal the day after the game.-Nezrix

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    Cori- never tell cenobyte about Hansel. I would hate to shatter the impressive delusion established here. ;)-Jay

  8. Cori Quite Contrary Avatar
    Cori Quite Contrary

    An in-character journal from Morphine would look very odd. On the other hand, it might help with the whole memory loss thing.

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