Slightly New

Hey there.

So, here’s the deal. The centre of the universe was getting a little chuffed about some of the finicky finickyness about the former bournalling software it was using. So it changed. Relatively painless transformation, other than having to redo the templates. So there’s a *slightly* new look, and more features. Like feeds. That work.

That means that you can have the centre of the universe broadcasting *right to your front door*, essentially, which is kind of cool, methinks. You can also access the centre of the universe, I hear, from your handheld devices…ummm…not *that* handheld device. Oh God. Not THAT handheld device…Geez you guys. Sickos. Your PHONES, people. Your PHONES and fancy ting-ringlers.

The whole deal makes cenobyte a *little* sad, in that the software she was using was like an old boyfriend. Or an old shoe. Or an old boyfriend’s old shoes. Or something. But it’s just got to the point where the features cenobyte wants in a bournal are too bothersome to …well… to bother with coding and fiddling and all that jazz.

I think the archives from the former bournal will be available at some point, but I haven’t farted around with that yet, and even if they are, you won’t be able to post comments on them, so, uh. Sorry about that. It was probably the biggest thing holding me back – what to do with the, what, six years of archives? Seven? Guh.

Anyhow. Give the site a new test drive and let me know what you think. Oh. And it’s probably a good idea to update any feeds you may currently be subscribed to. The link remains the same, however. Because I’m brilliant.






5 responses to “Slightly New”

  1. cenobyte Avatar

    eventually. Hopefully. Maybe. Well, they won’t go *away*; they’ll be linked to. In theory.

  2. rilla Avatar

    And the archives? Are the coming back?

  3. cenobyte Avatar

    Yeah. Just testing the comments.

  4. cenobyte Avatar

    Hokay. The dead sea scrolls are now up and accessible. The layout is terrible. If the old software ever gets fix-ed, I will fixy the layout.

  5. the_iron_troll Avatar

    Heh. Acsexsory. Heh.I like the new hotness. Perhaps someday soon I shall get actual mobile device-y things, and try out these new fee-chores.

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