Should’ve Listened to Dante

If all of the most brilliant minds in the world got together and came up with the most hateful, inefficient, inconvenient, labyrinthine, archaic system of getting people from one place to another, then added in the sort of evil that arises from the cardinal sins of lust and envy, you would come close to – CLOSE TO – the special hell that is the Calgary airport. It’s the sort of place where criminal masterminds and evil overlords send their underlings and minions to learn how to use design – however temporary – to befuddle, enrage, and irritate already short-tempered people. It is where bad Politicians learn to interact with the media. 



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3 responses to “Should’ve Listened to Dante”

  1. Marlon IV Avatar
    Marlon IV

    Meh. Calgary isn’t so bad.
    Now making an international connection in Chicago! That’s something that Dante would be proud of!

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      I’ve done that before. Easier than Calgary by far. BY FAR.

  2. Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt Avatar

    Aha! Fixed.

    Never mind. It told me to check in a minute – and that actually worked. I should be more patient!

    I’m used to being lied to by the internet.

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