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There’s about to be a second war on earth for the kingdom of heaven, and Gaby and her brother are the only ones who can prevent it. Or else they’re the ones who tried to start it. Things are a little confusing since it’s only been a week or so since Gaby found out she isn’t human, that her memories aren’t her own, and that there’s a whole army of half-angel/half-human creatures (the Rephaim) fighting to keep hell from breaking loose. Literally.

Gaby still isn’t sure she knows who she is since losing her memory when something happened to her and her brother Jude a year ago, but at least she has Jude back. She thought he had been killed in an accident, but it turns out that had been a lie. The entire last year of her life had been a lie. That she was a human teenager was, in fact, a lie. The problem is, Gaby doesn’t know who’s lying and who’s telling her the truth; every time she learns more about who she is and what she can do, it brings up more questions.

It’s only been a few days, but in that time, she’s been teleported from what she thought was her home in Pan Beach, Australia, to the Sanctuary in Italy where dozens of Rephaim live with a cloister of monks and Nathaniel, the individual who is – supposedly – protecting them. But if Nathaniel is truly a protector, why did he order her brought back to the Sanctuary? Why did he order her into a fight against a hellion – a creature that could easily have killed her?

“You know, before I met you I didn’t hug and I didn’t cry, and I didn’t have deep and meaninfgul conversations about my feelings

She smiles, and this one is all warmth. “Now you do all three – and kill creatures from hell with a shiny sword. You’re like the poster child for paranormal self-development.” – excerpt from Shimmer by Paula Weston

Gaby and her brother Jude hold the key to finding the Fallen, and the forces of hell will do anything to get it. The Rephaim will stop at nothing to make sure that doesn’t happen. But the line between holding the key to an ancient prophecy and being used as a pawn within that prophecy is pretty thin, and Gaby’s tired of being played.

She needs to find out what the truth is, and she needs to do it fast. Time is running out for Rafa, who Gaby can’t stop thinking about, and Taya, a no-nonsense half-angel warrior. They were abducted and are being held hostage in a special kind of prison – the kind that Rephaim can’t teleport out of. The kind of prison that shouldn’t be able to exist. Who built it? Where did they get the knowledge to block Rephaim for entering or leaving? More importantly, whose side are they on?

I lose time watching dirt and blood swirl down the drain. The water finally runs clear. I find the strength to stand, force myself to wash my hair and scrub my face, scrape the black grime out from under my nails.

This gleaming white bathroom is exactly like the one I almost drowned in last Monday. Am I ever going to have an experience at the Sanctuary that doesn’t involve me sobbing, fighting, or aching? – Excerpt from Shimmer, by Paula Weston

It’s tough to talk about the third book in a series without giving away too many spoilers from the first two; Paula Weston’s Shimmer is the third in the Rephaim series from Tundra Books (check out the other stops on the blog tour; they’re listed below). This YA series is a devilishly well-crafted maelstrom of lies, devotion, secrets, prophecy, and espionage.

From the first time you meet Gaby in the first book, Shadows, to the search for her brother Jude in Haze, to the madness and mystery of who’s telling the biggest lies in Shimmer, you’re going to hit a pace you won’t think Weston can keep up. So far, she has. Every time she reveals the answer to a question, there are six more that take its place. Every time you think the fight is over, there’s another fight right around the corner – this time with rocket launchers!

In terms of supernatural fiction, these books have many of the elements you’d expect to see – blood-spilling brawls, sexual tension, infighting, and intrigue. There are no simpering, swooning, love-lorn thralls here (there also aren’t any sparkly vampires, which is a Very Good Thing). The Rephaim is a YA supernatural series for readers who want mystery and betrayal and a clever plot with myriad twists and turns and secrets hiding in corners hoping you don’t look too closely at them.

Shimmer, by Paula Weston
Shimmer, by Paula Weston

It’s also a series that deals with insecurity, with self-doubt, and with the slow process of gaining self-confidence. It’s about friendships that can’t be broken, family that can’t be torn apart, and enemies who can never see eye to eye – or can they? Shimmer continues the story of Gaby’s quest to understand herself, and where she fits in, not just among her friends and family (what’s left of it), but among the kingdoms of earth, heaven, and hell.

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