Seriously, Grits? Seriously?

So….let me get this straight.

You wouldn’t stand up for the people of Canada when the government was talking about taking money away from programs that make life better for everyone in the country. And you wouldn’t stand up for the people of Canada when the government was talking about cutting funding for the national food inspection agency. And you wouldn’t stand up for Canada when the government decided to take money away from a newly-emerging economic powerhouse. But you’ll stand up for the “people of Canada” when the government decides to take money away from you?

That’s classy, Grits. That’s REAL classy.






11 responses to “Seriously, Grits? Seriously?”

  1. cenobyte Avatar

    No, I meant the opposition only seems to get upset when the government threatens to take money away from *them* directly. I’m disappointed, is my point, that the only time they have the mustard to get serious about a confidence motion is when their own coffers are being raided.I agree that it needs to be done and that Harper is a scary, scary man. I think it’s pathetic it’s taken this long for the opposition to mobilise itself in any serious fashion. Why couldn’t they have got serious about a confidence motion back when Harper was stomping all over people’s rights last spring?

  2. Churchy La Femme Avatar
    Churchy La Femme

    Oh give your friggin head a shake. This slimy manipulative fascist move on the part of Herr Harper is a kick to the balls of democracy, not “taking money away from youuuuuu.” Somebody had better stand up for us, right bloody quick. The double-talking coming out of the Conservative Reform Alliance Party puts George Orwell to shame. “back-room deals”? When *he* signed a coalition document in 2004? when Peter McKay did a back-room knee-drop to form the CRAP in the first place? What hypocracy. Do you think the elected representatives are “feathering their nests” as the evil leprechaun said? Do you want the people representing you to forever be only the ones whose support for corporate interests makes them the most campaign money? Don’t kid yourself, these people are the enemy of everything you say you stand for. So don’t start snivelling about “Ooh, seriously? The Grits?” Are they flawless? No of course not. But in case you hadn’t noticed, flawless isn’t on the ballot. We’ve got to choose among what we’re offered. And CRAP really isn’t a choice. As the blogger on CBC said “the people of America could get past the colour of the man’s skin. They could get past the fact that he has a funny sounding name that rhymes with the most hated terrorist of this generation. Too bad Canadians couldn’t get past a guy’s French accent.” Don’t be so…provincial.

  3. Saskboy Avatar

    It is disappointing that the tipping point was their own pocket books instead of ours. But at least they moved in the correct direction, if a little late.

  4. xenophile Avatar

    Keep in mind that the Grits thought they had a decent shot at picking up more seats in this past election… their performance came as a shock to most of them. They never thought about forming a coalition last spring because they thought they didn’t NEED to… they figured Harper would keep doing unpopular stuff and they’d waltz into power. With their losses in the House, they had to wake up and smell the coffee. This was less about the threatened public funding cuts, and more about the rude awakening that was the October election. The cuts just provided opportunity.Thank goodness Jack has clearly been planning for this day for a long time!– Layne

  5. BPM-IV Avatar

    Well, it’s better then the 3 parties in opposition sitting with their thumbs up each others arses as they did for the last year. At least now they’ve finally grown a set and decided to make Harper either play nice or GTFO. Better late then never, even if it is over their own cash.And a quick question I hope someone can answer: do the Greens get to grab $2/vote as well? Seems like that money could come in real handy for an up-and-coming party.

  6. Parmeisan Avatar

    Keep in mind that he has already announced that he’s stepping down. So luckily, he won’t be PM for long.

  7. brielle128 Avatar

    oh. my. gawd. I just saw on the stoon paper’s cover, that dion is going to be the next pm if things pan out. having worked with the man personally? he is waaaaaayyyyyyyy scarier that haper can ever hope to be. if you think bush is a knob? wait until you meet mr. happypants. we’ll be the laughing stock of Canada. I don’t hate the man because of his french accent. I hate him because of who he is, what he does and says and how he runs “his” party. trust me on this one. go ahead…call an election. lets see how many of the population heads out to vote. its got to be a better option that this insane coalition. if dion is going to be pm, i’m moving to a nicer place. like pakistan.

  8. cenobyte Avatar

    Well, me personally, I’d rather face the man with a cold knife and dead eyes, but only because I know I can take him. I’d just ignore the buffoon. Look, I’m not criticising the Grits for doing what they’ve done. I’m criticising them for doing it *now*. They ran a shoddy campaign in the most recent election (to be fair, the entire thing was pretty shoddy). It’s probably pretty true that that’s exactly what that is, which is why it’s unfortunate it’s taken so long. I wanted a coup a year ago. Bloodless coup! Bloodless coup!

  9. Churchy La Femme Avatar
    Churchy La Femme

    Well sorry, but all the time Harper was bullying them around the playground last spring, trying to get them to force an election, he knew, the polls said, that the people would punish the opposition and Harper’d get a majority if we voted. So Dion had to eat sh*t over and over again, rather than subject us to majority fascism. Until Mister Harper finally got tired of trying to make it seem like the other guys’ fault, “grew a pair” and called it himself. There had been muttering about a coalition when it became clear that he’d pissed away a bunch more of our money for no benefit, political or otherwise. But the last straw came when he showed his ultimate anti-democratic hand by trying to starve out the opposition parties, all in the name of “economic necessity”. Nothing like trying to politically capitalize on the financial misfortunes of a lot of others. Do you GET that this is what the issue is — destruction of a credible opposition and the creation of a single-party state? Is there anyone foolish enough to think this would be a good idea?It’s not about losing “their” personal selfish money. Keerist. I don’t see how anyone can say they’d prefer Harper, especially for no other reason than that Dion would be embarassing! Think of it this way if you must — you’re in a long dark alley, your children around you clutching your skirts. Who would you rather have appear in front of you — a buffoon, or a man with cold dead eyes and a knife?

  10. brielle128 Avatar

    “Who would you rather have appear in front of you — a buffoon, or a man with cold dead eyes and a knife?”I know you mean to choose between the both….but I need to tell you, Dion is both. I have worked with him. I know him. Too fucking well. And while I’m wasn’t a supporter of Harper, I’m sure leaning that way. Dion scares me far worse than Harper ever could. just my 2 cents

  11. Naomi Avatar

    I agree with Churchy La Femme that without the coalition (and perhaps even with, if Parliament is prorogued) we are headed toward a fascist state. No credible opposition or funding for them, pushing laws through on confidence votes, lying about our laws —

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