Pretty Deep

So this one time, Smarty Pants and I were walking somewhere, and we were talking about stuff…I presume…because I don’t remember it. But he assures me it’s true and that this really happened.

Then he said some stuff about the ocean and then I said something about …um… something else, and then he was talking about…er….whales? Maybe? And then there was some such thing about how stupid some people are, and then I said something really funny like, “Pretty Deep”, but I don’t remember why it’s funny, and I don’t remember if it’s actually that or “Pretty Dumb”.

And you know the worst part? The worst part is that Smarty Pants has re-told me this story, this story *about my own self*, that happened when I was not pregnant, and when I *was* completely sober, and had had a lot of sleep the night before. Smarty Pants has told me this story about my own self at least two times. TWO. Times.

Somewhere in my brain there had better be something really fucking important stored, because I swear to God, it’s taking up space that could be put to good use. Not that it isn’t put to good use now; I mean, have literally no way of knowing.

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  1. Because you’re so forgetful of this monumental occasion, I shall leave it here for posterity.

    We were walking to La Bodaga for lunch. You were ranting about stupid people of some sort or another. You asked me, “how stupid can people be?”
    I replied “How deep is the ocean?”
    And you shouted “PRETTY DUMB!”

  2. It looks like she didn’t even remember the question a fraction of a second later.

    That’s fantastically hilarious.

  3. Coyote – I *totally* hadn’t forgotten the question a fraction of a second later. You see, I remember *doing* this; I just always forget the details. And whether we were talking about whales.

  4. Zo, Mz Byte, can you please be tellink usz ven you first-time findink yourzelf equivating der vhales mit der schtupit people, hmmmm?

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