Please excuse the nerd quotient in this post

a-LARPing he will go,
a-LARPing he will go,
Hi-ho the derry-o,
a-LARPing he will go.

He’ll play a yickky Nos,
he’ll play a yickky Nos,
Hi-ho the derry-o,
He’ll play a yickky Nos.

The cheese stands alone,
the cheese stands alone,
hi-ho the derry-o,
the cheese stands alone.

I could go on, about the Nos being the cheese, or how no one is actually the cheese; I just always rather favoured the cheese line, and always wanted to be the cheese when we played “The Farmer in the Dell”. Have I mentioned how much I love cheese?

Okay, so anyway, yeah. His Nibs is off playing …*sigh*… the LARP equivalent of herpes. Don’t get me wrong. I dearly love some of the people with LARP herpes. I don’t hold it against them. And I’ll still LARP with His Nibs afterwards; I’m pretty sure I’m immune. I was immunized a few weeks ago. It’s just that…i really, really don’t want to play Vampire. And there aren’t that many options at the moment if i do want to play something in the city.

So there. I’ve said it. Publically. Not on the suuuuuper seeecret blog, not just hand-waving and ranting in small groups.

I don’t want to play Vampire.

Check that. I’m willing to try **WARNING! EXTREME NERD MATERIAL FOLLOWS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.** New World of Darkness, depending on who’s running it and who’s playing. I freely admit that I am an elitist when it comes to gaming. Because this is my free time. I mean, I can have a good time doing just about anything (seriously, man. Peanuts in a cup. Most bestest entertainment EVAR), including stuff I don’t like. Mostly because I decided a long time ago that I’d much rather enjoy myself than not. Wow, that was weird to type. Was that as weird to read as it was to type?

What I mean is, rather than be at lagerheads (snicker) with the folks running the game and/or the other folks playing the game, it makes more sense to choose to participate in a game that doesn’t cause you stress. So by ‘elitist’, I guess I really mean ‘utilitarian’. But not in the sense of ‘utilitarian’ like crotchless pantyhose; I mean ‘utilitarian’ in the sense of ‘maximising happiness and/or minimising unhappiness’.

Crotchless pantyhose are the best thing since…erm…well…split crotch bloomers, I guess. Which in turn are the best thing since no underpants at all. Wow. How’d I get *here*?

No, I’m not standing here saying “neener neener; my game’s better than your game”, because a) I do not have a game; and b) well, really, I don’t have a game.

I just know what I don’t like. Um. And I’m comparing it to a venereal disease. Which is kind of douchey of me, I guess. Sorry about that.

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  1. “But not in the sense of ‘utilitarian’ like crotchless pantyhose; I mean ‘utilitarian’ in the sense of ‘maximising happiness and/or minimising unhappiness’.”

    Snort. Even a nerd like you should be able to see the flaw in this bit of tautology.

  2. Back when, I’d written a song about oWoD Changeling, to the tune of the Tigger song. I do enjoy such little filks.

    I don’t anticipate that I will play Vampire again. I have before. I didn’t do a really good job. I think I know what I’d have to do to do better. I don’t want to do that. I would love to play Changeling- oWoD or N, and there are other nWoD games that interest me.

    I am amused that crotchless pantyhose falls under the category of EXTREME NERD MATERIAL. There’s always more for me to learn.

    But, uh, wait. You don’t have a game? I was under a different perception. I admit, though, that I am oft slow in picking up details.

    Oh, and I’m very impressed that you have chosen to enjoy yourself, and have been able to follow through on that decision. I find this awe-provoking.

  3. You missed a lot of awesome from the Exemplar game, which is a shame. But what’s up with you not liking Vampire? You *ran* one. In OWoD. Why?

    Aw, and your blog posts are back to the new format. :P

  4. Parmeisan – the new format? Huh?

    Do you mean the comments? A couple of people were having serious porblems with the other format.

    Also, the reason I ran an oWoD Vampire game is because I was asked to run an ‘introductory LARP’ for FRAG. oWoD Vampire was the easiest thing to pull together on short notice (and it *was* short notice). I didn’t want to run Vampire. I would have preferred to run pretty much anything else. But I really had only about two weeks to pull it together.

    And really, that was the swansong….the “I’m’a give this one more try.”

  5. Ah, I see. That makes sense.

    And yes, I did mean the comments section. I liked the other way, but I can put up with this if necessary. :D

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