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Winter As I was Driving, I was Pondering. And what I was Pondering is this: if we can liken western Canada to Winterfell*, and I think we can, can we then assume that the Conservative Party of Canada is full of Lannisters?


I’m not sure if that means that Justin Trudeau is Daenerys Targaryen and Thomas Mulcair is, I dunno…Arya Stark? I’m going to go with ‘yes’. George R. R. Martin is writing the futurehistory of Canadian Politics.

Winterfell is, for those of you who are not fans of fantasy adventure, the homeland of the Starks. The Starks guard the north against the encroaching ice critters. They are the guardians of the enormous wall of ice. You know what? Just read the books. Or watch the show. Or both.

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