Off again

Have I mentioned I’m not good at leaving?

I’m not good at leaving. Good at packing. Good at *being* gone. But it’s that transition…maybe that’s it; maybe I’m just not good at transitions.

So I get all crotchety and grumpy and generally unable to sleep well and kind of avoidy. Which doesn’t at all help when things need to be Planned and Done. I’m more the “Oh jeez, I should have brought —” type rather than the boy scout “Thank God I brought —!” type. In fact, I would have failed the ‘being prepared’ test, but I would have aced the ‘making do’ test.

I wonder what the “making do” badge would look like. Maybe it would have a picture of MacGuyver on it. That’s what *I* would do if I were designing a “make do” badge. And for those people who were around before MacGuyver, their “make do” badges would have, maybe, a piece of binder twine and a twist tie on it.

And if someone were to sneak in to my house and clean it, top to bottom, and organdize it, bottom to top, I would be ever so greatful. Grateful. Graitful. Appreciative. I might even be convinced to bake for them. Sadly, i’m pretty sure that His Nibs would Not Be Okay with this plan.

It also doesn’t help that we’re travelling to a place that, in general, I don’t much like. Specifically, I quite enjoy the people we’re going to see. In fact, I love them dearly. I love their house and their friends and staying with them. But, truth be told, not real fond of the geographical location. So, put all those things together, and I have what is known colloquially as ‘travel-jeebies’.

Travel-jeebies is a known medical condition that involves anxiety, sore achey muscles, short temper, headache, and any kind of phantom pain you can come up with. I have a throbby thing going on in my side, in fact.

But I know that once we *get* there, I’ll enjoy myself. And I know that I’ll enjoy myself *on the way there*. It’s just the putting everything in smaller and smaller packages until you have one or two big packages filled with a crapload of smaller packages, and everyone’s excited but you, because you’d really rather still be asleep.

So anyway. Leaving tomorrow.






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