Odd Question Monday

Which of the following is the more intriguing power?

  • People can not say no to you
  • You can eliminate the ability to remember

Asking for a friend.

(Also, this is a blog maintenance post.)

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  1. Since I too have the second power, and definitely not the first one, I find the first one more intriguing…

  2. I just want people to say yes when I ask them to at least consider my book – and read a few pages of the sample. I am convinced they might like it, because I don’t usually ask people I don’t know at least a little bit.

    It’s vindication when one of those writes back, ‘I downloaded your novel (via KU) when I received your email. I just got around to reading it last night. I put it off because it didn’t really seem like my kind of story. But I loved it. You did a great job. I will put a review up on Amazon sometime this week.’

    But it is like pulling hen’s teeth to get them to try! Oh, and I still had to poke him two months later to actually write the review, but getting his note was the kind of thing that keeps me writing book 2 of the trilogy for a week.

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