Now, I am let down.

Well, my first reaction to the prorogation of parliament is this:

My second reaction is a heavy sigh, and more and profound disappointment in our head of state. You know, we should phone the Queen and tell her, “Shit’s going down, man. Heavy shit.”






11 responses to “Now, I am let down.”

  1. melistress Avatar

    agreed D-:

  2. xenophile Avatar

    It’s not like it wasn’t expected. There’s NO precedent for a GG to refuse prorogation. Heck, it’s a historical and monumental thing that it took Harper all morning to convince her. The GG doesn’t usually act against the wishes of a Prime Minister except in extreme circumstances (King/Bing, or Australia in ’74, for example).Now we get 7 weeks of TV ads and propaganda from both sides until the Throne Speech and budget release in January. Harper’s betting the coalition won’t last that long, especially if he starts offering concessions… and he could be right. I just hope that the opposition holds out for some really BIG concessions.

  3. Gypsyhick Avatar

    This just makes me want to vomit.Rather than deal with the shit he threw at the fan, the PM has successfully lobbied for a 7 week vacation.ASSHOLE.

  4. Geekwad Avatar

    headline: “CANADA abandons MONARCHY”Queen: EXPLANATION, PLEASE!!!

  5. melistress Avatar

    xenofile – actually there is precedent. In 1926 Lord Byng refused a prorogue request by MacKenzie King. A coalition government was allowed in, when that failed, and election was called and MacKenzie King won a majority government.

  6. cenobyte Avatar

    Like one free beer and popcorn a month for families with kids under 6?

  7. Der Kaptin Avatar
    Der Kaptin

    My money is on the fact that at the same time they’ll be propagandizing the hell out of us, they’ll also be polling us in every way they possibly can (including scanning all blogs that mention the combination of words “Harper” and “lizard” and other such)to try and guage what the populace is feeling. If the trend is toward “I hope they stop farting around trying to steal power by divide-and-conquer, start acting like Obama and pull together to help us out of this economic mess” then we’ll get the A budget, with economic stimulus, nods to opposition demands and general responsible-appearing minority governance that everyone will simply have to support. If, on the other hand, it appears that the lumpen proletariat are saying “Harpalin is the saviour of the country, how could those evil men have tried to do a backdoor (shiver) deal to give all our money to the frogs?”, then we’ll get the X budget, with continued nastiness that the hopposition can’t possibly support. Then THEY will have to force an election or sing soprano for the rest of their careers. And the Fifth Crusade will begin. Sort of like the US in 1945, offering Japan terms of surrender that they knew the Nipponese could never accept, even though they were defeated. This gave them the go-ahead for Fat Man and Little Boy. Actually, exactly like that.So, has everyone gone to the listing of all talk-radio stations in the country that the Conservative Reform Alliance Party so kindly provided for the use of their support base? The challenge is before us all — convince Stevo that the haters are in the minority in this country too and he’ll have to act like a human being if he wants to keep some power. And not let his eyes go dark when he gets close to the ring, like Bilbo Baggins at the beginning of LOTR. wv = slogang Too right

  8. xenophile Avatar

    No, Mackenzie King was trying to dissolve parliament and call an election, and Lord Byng refused, saying that the previous election was too recent, giving Arthur Meighan’s Conservatives a chance to form the government instead. That’s not the same as Harper’s request for prorogation/suspension.There ARE precedents in other countries with parliamentary democracies, however… and I wish she’d followed in their footsteps.

  9. melistress Avatar

    Xenofile – There was a historian on the news the night the PM addressed the country and was explaining the precedent for proroguation, who stated that MacKenzie King asked to prorogue parliament and was refused by Lord Byng.Of course history seems to be interpreted different ways by different people. :-)

  10. Smarty Pants Avatar
    Smarty Pants

    Don’t lose heart. You can bring the House down in January and go to the polls…or even have a second crack at a coalition.Judging from the polling? Going to the ballot box is your best bet for support and legitimacy.

  11. Churchy LaFemme Avatar
    Churchy LaFemme

    “Mister Dechert,(MP for Mississauga) I caught your “treason and sedition’ comment in the New York Times today. So I went to your web site, and saw the headline about how the “deal” gives the Bloc six senate seats. Whoa. I’d never heard of that before, so I went Googling for some credible source (not Ezra, who has zero credibility). What I found was the Globe&Mail article wherein Giles Duceppe says specifically: “I told Mr. Dion don’t offer me any because I’ll refuse,” Mr. Duceppe said, ruling out appointments for Bloc supporters. “I mean, we are not discussing that at all. I don’t believe in Senators.”So this raises the question of where you got your “factually erroneous” information. It’s wrong, so please remove it from your site. If you know it’s wrong and you leave it there, then you are lying to everyone who visits your site. What more treasonous and seditious act could there be than blatantly communicating falsehoods to the Canadian people when we are faced with having to make up our minds about such crucial matters? Are you an elected member that is worthy of the trust Canadians have put in you to represent them? I’ll be watching to see if you do the honourable thing.”So much for legitimacy.

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