Nothing new has begun

Happy middle of the winter, randomly-chosen beginning of a new calendar year.

Yes, I realise this bournal has been kinda whiny and bitchy the past little while. It’ll get better; I promise.

Say, if you happen to be a hypnotist, I’ve got a deal for you.

It was awesome having our good friends stay over last night. I dig sleepovers!

6 responses to “Nothing new has begun”

  1. I am totally going to attend Der Kaptin’s next party.Sleepovers are super fun. Thanks for being such marvelous hosts!

  2. While I’m not a hypnotist, I do give several workshops a year on theraputic deep relaxation, self hypnosis and the benifits of each. Probably the most rewarding career next to teaching. Which are both dwarfed by being a parent.

  3. When you think about it, the New Year’s celebration should be on Dec. 21, the Solstice, right? The “return of the light”, that’s when it all begins again. Instead of murdering another evergreen tree, we should put together miniature stonehenges in our houses, oriented precisely to capture the first light of the new year on the alter table. Unless, of course, the apartment building across the street means you don’t get the sunlight in your house until 1 pm or so. Then you’d have to do it differently. On the alter, you’d lay some of the remaining produce from the previous harvest, and then your lover, the first fertility rite of the rebirth of life to come. Happy New Year! Oh those pagans.

  4. I check the weather channel most mornings, and it has the sunrise and sunset dates; oddly, although the sunset has been getting later about every other day, yesterday was the first morning that the sunrise started earlier.Of course, I live deep in the frozen north, so maybe it’s different here.

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