Nothing, nada, zilch

So a Long Time Ago, Smarty Pants asked me if I’d write something for his blog. So I did.

Then, slightly less long ago, he asked again if I’d write something for his blog. And I’ve been trying. I really have been.

I blame Facebook.

And judge shows.

And, um. other stuff.

Because I have no idea what to write or where to start.






2 responses to “Nothing, nada, zilch”

  1. Smarty Pants Avatar
    Smarty Pants

    The piece Ceno *did* write for me is titled “Dry Grass”. It’s the start of something dark and dreamy and I feel the few readers I have want to see where it’s going. OK, *I* wanna see where it’s going. :-)
    May I suggest watching an episode of HBO’s “ROME” to get the juices going? Instead of Judge Judy?

  2. depthless muser Avatar
    depthless muser

    I suggest a piece on how cows would make better house pets than dogs or cats. You could list all their virtues and sing the praises of fresh milk.

    See! I’m helping!

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