Not a Cohen Song

It’s four in the morning where you are. You won’t be awake yet. There is a stillness about sleeping alone that you never quite master once you’ve been pluralized.

The air is misty and humid. We are learning in a cloud. I know that phrase has a specific meaning ‘nowadays’ in the tech-savvy world of tomorrow, but I mean we are learning and living in an actual cloud, not some crappy Microsoft web application.

I don’t miss the cat.

The view from my bedroom this morning






3 responses to “Not a Cohen Song”

  1. melistress Avatar

    I miss the maritimes and I have only ever been there once…for a week. What a beautiful picture. There is something just magical about the East Coast of our country.

  2. Avatar

    like a golf course i guess thats the worst thing i ever seen about canada.

    go poach some moose at least.

  3. turk182 Avatar

    7 things off the top of my head. 7 things off of the top of my head. i guess pictures were all you had.

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