My Wednesdays are more like Mondays

A while back, I submitted a fairly hastily thrown-together manuscript for a ‘new writers’ publishing contest. The manuscript wasn’t as ready as it should have been, and in fact, was pretty bare on content. So I wasn’t surprised when I got a very lovely PFO. As advised by my literary counsellor, I have decided to print it out and put it in my “I can’t believe you think you can write, what is wrong with you?” file.

And this morning, I submitted a story to an anthology contest. It’s a good story, but I’m not sure it fits with the theme of the contest. Either way, I tossed it in the ring.

Took the van in to the insurance people to have an assessment done on the damage our van sustained when some fartstain drove into it in the parking lot at the beach this summer. Guess what? The result is that someone probably not only drove into it, but they probably intentionally vandalized it too! So now we have to have a SECOND assessment done on it.

To top it all off, I’m pretty sure I’ve just ruined what was, and what ought to have continued to be, an amazing friendship.

So if you’ve a hankering to kick cenobyte in the junk, or of hitting cenobyte in the face with a brick, I’m thinking of setting up a booth. I’ll charge a nominal fee and then I can donate to charity.

…actually, in the spirit of things, I should probably give *you* money to kick me in the junk. But if I were you, I would consider everything I touched to be cursed, so maybe rethink accepting any money from me for the next little while.






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  1. LT Avatar

    meh, just slap together a turducken or three for the Deep Ones and all will be well again :)

    and you’ll have turducken

    recipe linked below

    IA IA!!!!

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