So, here’s the deal:
You indicate to change lanes, then you change lanes. Good for you! So traffic keeps moving, as traffic is wont to do. The drivers around you assume you are attempting to enter the mall parking lot. Then you discover there is an Obstruction in your lane (pretty sure you can’t park a truck in the turning lane), but traffic has moved. You decide you want back into the lane, but rather than using your indicator lights, you assume that I can read your mind.

Lady, I have *no idea* if you’re intending to turn into the mall lot; I have *no idea* that you want back into my lane. So when you swerve toward me and miss hitting my car right where my kid’s child seat is, causing me to swerve into the other lane (thank God there wasn’t anyone in there), I’m pretty sure you’re in the wrong here. I was *beside you* in the lane. I could see in my *rearview mirror* that your indicator lights weren’t on.

But hey, people make mistakes. It didn’t bother me that you nearly hit my car, because I was able to evade your poor decision-making. So then you pull up beside me and flip me the bird before you turn on a different street? Thank God I was looking in my mirrors again, or else I wouldn’t have seen your opinion on the matter *at all*. And we all would have been the worse for that.

Let me just, then, apologise for missing the majority of your point.

Actually, you know what? I don’t really care. But I *totally* understand why your bumpers and quarter panels are all banged up.

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