It’s only going to sting for a moment

Are you sick of hearing about Canadian Politics yet?

Gee. That’s too bad.

Because I have something to say. That must surprise you.

I would really like it if political reporting/spin/whatever would stop harping on something. And that something is the personal beliefs of the candidates. It really, really shouldn’t matter if a politician supports gay marriage or opposes abortion or believes in evolution or thinks arts are important. The politician’s *personal views* ought not be focussed upon. What’s important is the politician’s ability to represent the voices and opinions and wishes of their constituents.

So if I’m the sort of person who doesn’t believe that Aboriginal Canadians deserve federal funding to attend post-secondary education, and I run for office, and I get elected, what I believe *doesn’t matter*. What matters is that I now work for the *Government of Canada*, and as an elected official, I have to abide by the laws, policies, **and treaties** of the country. And when a reporter says, “But cenobyte, what is YOUR opinion on providing federal funding to Aboriginals for post-secondary education?”

I would say, “*MY* opinion doesn’t matter. My *actions* do. And have been elected to parliament to uphold the laws, policies, and commitments of the Government of Canada. And one of those commitments is access to education for Aboriginal peoples, and so this is a commitment I, as an elected official, support.”

My personal views on things don’t matter any moreso than the colour of my underpants. Which are black, today, in case you were curious about that.

Now it’s probably true that people are drawn to certain parties because of those parties’ ideologies. I’m fairly certain there are few people in politics who are politicians who don’t actually care about the platforms upon which they have been elected. And if you’re the sort of person who has right wing ideas and convictions, chances are really quite good that if you feel drawn to politics, you’ll not be drawn to the left-leaning side of the spectrum.

Still. Politics is really no place for personal problems. It’s a job that’s all about ego, but a job where you still have to separate your ego from itself, if that makes any sense.

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