It's just that

We haven’t much to tell you these days.

I could talk about the streaker at city hall in the Queen’s City, but that’s already been done. I could tell you about how Canadian Members of Parliament are finally going back to work (lousy shirkers). I could talk about how miffed I am that ‘feminist’ is used as an insult. But, I’ve gone through all of these things before.

So, I’ll pose a question to you: what would *you* like me to blog about today?






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  1. Melistress Avatar

    I’d like you to tell us a story. A funny one. You always tell us the BEST stories. I’m up for a classic giggle from you.

  2. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    I got a giggle for you. The streaker? His name was given as Brendon Cross. I went to high school with this guy, he used to be a talented guy, quite a singer, actor, so on. Native guy too. They didn’t mention it in the story but he was also the guy who started the First Nations Party here in Saskabush a while back.

    Well the guy went a little wacky. Between the cocaine use and what not he’s not all there. And, well, the reason the FNP folded was he was pretty much the only member and he got arrested for drug possession and sexual assault.

    Anyhow, the funny part is that at our first meeting with FNUC board (who are all gone and Clarance Belgarde, the biggest crook of them all got foisted from office as chief on his reserve, whoot whoot!) he shows up and near the end starts spouting that he can tell us what needs to be done and he knows all these people and that he has Rob Norris’ ear, hell he can call up ole Stevie any time he wants and the PM listens to him!

    He got shouted out of the room and I had to explain who he was. And now this. Guy is nuckin’ futs.

    Heh, my wv is laphe.

  3. Jenn Avatar

    Maeve and Marek. MAEVE AND MAREK.

  4. cenobyte Avatar


    I have bad news for you.

    I’m working on the Maeve and Marek story as a novella or a novel, so I’m not working on it online anymore. You’ll just have to wait until I’m finished it (and that could be a very, VERY long time) to read the rest of Maeve and Marek. But it’s *really good* what’s happening now.

    @Rich – it was reported that Brendon is Native, and that he was the founder of a First Nations political party, actually. I heard it on this morning’s news!

  5. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    Ahhh, yesterday’s CBC coverage didn’t include that.

    My wv is sadic. :)

  6. rilla Avatar

    Top 10 Places in which to sneeze.

    How clothes are ruining the world.

    Why my vagina is awesome (that’s mine, not yours Ceno). Conversely, Why all vagina are awesome.

    Why Rilla should not use the internet when she is having a mood.

    Angels and Demons: What you need to know about avoiding Dan Brown

    Toilets: A necessary evil.

    The Colon: Great punctuation mark, or Greatest punctuation mark.

    Who would win a mud wrestling match? You or Stephen Harper.

    Or, write a ten page essay on my word verification: culnests


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