It's a MARCH, people. A MARCH.

Our national anthem. “O Canada”, in case you’d forgotten. It’s supposed to be a MARCH. That means cut time (or, for the un-musically trained, one-half of common time, otherwise known as four-four time). NOBODY does it right. They’re all, “Oh, Canada. It’s a freakin’ DIRGE, man. A DIRGE. It’s like, a funeral song for all those dead British white guys.”

Except for this one guy who just sang it. He’s bald, but he got it right. It would have been a *very slow* march, but a march nonetheless. Maybe a march for a company of drunks. That sounds about right.

Second. Say this with me, will you? Feb-ROO-ary. February. Feb-ROO-ary. February. It’s not “Feb-YOO-ary”. I swear to God, every single person who says FebYOOary…I’m’a rip out your uvula. Jerkfaces.

For now, that is all.

1) It’s a MARCH.
2) It’s a Feb-ROO-ary.

Carry on.







One response to “It's a MARCH, people. A MARCH.”

  1. depthless muser Avatar
    depthless muser

    You forgot about ALL-gust. That month is very windy.

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