Is this thing getting out of hand?

I’ve heard some rumblings. And the rumblings are coming from folk who’re interested in playing “The Game”. In case you’ve forgotten, “The Game” is called Kingdom Come, and it’s about fallen angels. We always play on the last Saturday of the month at the Northeast Community Centre, as part of FRAG’s Games Days (Flatland Regional Association of Gamers, that is). It costs you fie’bucks to play if you’re not a FRAG member; three dollah if you are a FRAG member.

There is a Facebook group set up for the game (Providence), and there is a game blog and game forums. There are no published rules as yet, but if you email me, we can talk over character concepts and game setting.

We would love to have you join the game. Even if you’ve never played LARP before, give it a wing. It will open your eyes and make you dream. Right, Jenn?






8 responses to “Is this thing getting out of hand?”

  1. cenobyte Avatar

    Neo: It’s not a White Wolf game at all. No Vampires, no Werewolves, no Hunters, no Mages, no Wraiths, no World of Darkness. It’s a game designed by a guy called Trent Yacuk, and the game system itself is still in production. It will be being published later this year. You play fallen angels. Check out the facebook group and blog and forums, and then we’ll go for beer and/or coffee and/or lunch and talk about characters.

  2. Neo Avatar

    so what character types are open? is it strictly suckers? or can we do anything in the world of darkness? personally i would like to do a Hunter from the Reckoning. might be a bit game unbalancing though. keep me posted. maybe i’ll try ti wrangle Smarty Pants into joining me.

  3. brielle128 Avatar

    heh… you know how much i want to come?alot. sends me your address. i wanna send you sumpting small…cuz I have totally lost yours.

  4. Parmeisan Avatar

    As someone relatively new to the scene, I feel qualified in saying: TRY IT. YOU WILL LOVE IT.Seriously, if you’ve never LARPed, forget everything you thought you knew about it. It’s not like they say at all. It’s a fun and social activity. Don’t judge it without trying first, or you’ll only be slighting yourself.

  5. melistress Avatar

    Road trip?

  6. Silent Winged Coyote Avatar
    Silent Winged Coyote

    Yeah, y’know the next UFC is really good… and the game is the same night … and I think I’ma make it January. :) But I’ll email you my character idea and let you send me what I need if you’re cool with that. I actually have fleshed out the idea. Is neat. And yes I’m going to figure out how to make my sword all glowy! :)

  7. Neo Avatar

    addendum to my last, i forgot the fight was that night. but at least this gives me lots of time to hash out some details and get together with you. i likely will be able to attend the January game.

  8. Neo Avatar

    Very much interested Cenobyte. I have gone through the forums and such that you provided in this post. We will have to meet up, not really sure what would work for the setting so i have a few ideas to through at you. you can help me with the “mechanics” when the time comes.

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