I Wonder if I’m Growing?

I just thought I’d mention that I am very happy to notice that in the last year, the number of gorgeous white and silver hairs I am growing have gone from two to a WHOLE BUNCH!!!

I’m terribly excited about this!

You think I’m being facetious. Sarcastic. But I’m not. I love silver hair. I’ve EARNED these puppies. My mother never went grey; neither did my Nama. And some blonde people end up with weird yellowish-white hair that looks…weird. But mine are gorgeous and silver and I love them!

I may never dye my hair again.

Okay, well, no. I’ll *totally* dye my hair again. But not black. Okay, maybe black. But I love my white and silver hairs, and I would miss them. I think I might map out on my head where they’re emerging, so I can keep a record, and name each one!







5 responses to “I Wonder if I’m Growing?”

  1. BPM IV Avatar
    BPM IV

    I hate to say it, but meh.

    Of course, I’ve been “distinguished-looking” for a few years now.

  2. cenobyte Avatar

    Yes, but I have not.

    A couple of years ago, I found two white hairs in my locks and one in my eyebrow. And I was SO EXCITED. But now, there are lots of them!

  3. Cori May Avatar
    Cori May

    I am nearly 40 years old, and nary a grey hair have I found. I think my hair is just fading slowly to ginger, instead, which makes me sad. My grandma used to claim that she didn’t dye her hair, and now I’m starting to believe her.

    But if I do ever get grey hair, you’ll know because I’ll start putting blonde highlights in it instead of going red.

  4. melistress Avatar

    I love mine too!!!!! Except that I hate my other hair. The stuff that isn’t silver. It is khaki. Which is just the wrong colour for hair…unless you want to blend into the jungle in Vietnam…but I don’t anticipate combating in the jungle anytime soon…but I imagine I could probably hide effectively in the bushes and ambush Steven Harper…and get back my cabana boys…but that is a whole other story and doesn’t allow for platform heels…except as weapons.

    So, I still dye my hair. I will stop when it is all silver.

  5. cenobyte Avatar

    I think Stephen Harper has probably passed your cabana boys on to Doris Stockwell Day by now.

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