I think it’s time


Poor old Tau.

She’s eighteen human years old. That’s 140 cat years old.

Poor old Tau is ready to die, and I’m ready to let her go. She’s been failing for the last two years, and..well, hell, she’s over a hundred years old!

Tau has never been the sharpest crayon in the box, and her very favourite thing in the world (until this week) is food. And socks. Tau is our “MUM! DAD! I BROUGHT YOU SOME SOCKS! AND SOME UNDERPANTS!” cat.

When I first met Tau, she was skinny as a stick, climbing the chicken wire cage at the cat repository at the SPCA in Toon Town. She REALLY wanted to come home with me. She sat on my breast ledge and fell asleep, purring. Tau pretty much loved everyone, and with her big, stupid eyes, it’s pretty tough not to love her back.

Tau used to knock at the back door during Outsides, asking to come in to use the box. Last summer, she spent time on the deck, but didn’t venture very far past it. She also had (until last week) a preternatural sense of when *someone in the neighbourhood* was thinking about eating. She’d be winding around your feet, squeaking, and claiming that she hadn’t been fed in a week.

Once, Tau left a rather nasty note on Uncle Bne’s bedroom door. It said something like “yer dum as a rok dumy”, because Uncle Bne called Tau a dummy once. I don’t think he did that again after The Note.

Tau is a Very Good Hunter, and not just of socks and underpants; the year we had Mice, Leviathan J. would watch them, even play with them, but if one ran under the couch, Leviathan would glare until you either picked up the couch for him, or he’d wander off in a huff. Tau, on the other hand, killed fourteen mice in ten days. She only hunted in the house; she didn’t much care about birds and squirrels Outside.

Anyway, poor old Tau.

We’ll miss her.

As an aside, when I told The Nipper, to prepare him for the event, he said, “okay. So, when do we get the puppy?!” I think he’ll be fine.



7 responses to “I think it’s time”

  1. melistress Avatar

    How sad. I know how much you love your cats. I was talking to one of my clients yesterday who told me that her nearly 20 year old cat was put down two days ago.

    On another note, if you want another cat, you can always take mine.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      As The Nipper pointed out, we’re considering a puppy…

  2. Woodcoco Avatar

    Well, that sucks. I know it. Poor old girl, she’s been a good kitty for you. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Rest in Peace, Tau Tau.
    P.S. Puppies are a LOT of work. I am taking care of one now and I would like you to consider getting an adult dog if you get one at all.

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Well, we haven’t closed the door on getting an adult dog (I say “puppy” and mean “canine entity”); I’m always a little nervous about adult dogs from the shelter…only because of the kids. If it were just me, I think I wouldn’t be so nervous about potential personality issues, but I’m nervous about getting a dog that snaps unexpectedly some day because of something we don’t know about. Which is probably just paranoia, really. Also, since I don’t work in the summer, I was thinking that if we *did* get a puppy, we would get one during the time I can be at home all day.

      Yes, we will consider an adult dog.

      Thanks for your comments, man. I miss you.

      1. Woodcoco Avatar

        Any dog you get could have personality problems that arise as they grow up and adapt to your family. There are so many types of dogs available at rescue groups and shelters ( lots of puppies, different breeds, sizes and personalities). Puppy or adult dog, people need to be educated in order to meet a dog’s needs and have a well balanced dog. I have been learning and continue to learn with each dog I encounter. I hope that when you and your family are ready, a good dog comes into your lives. Pets bring so much joy to our lives. We definitely need to catch up with each other.

  3. Viper Pilot Avatar


    I remember fondly hen Tau left a note on our fridge that said ‘Bne cnat splee’. Also, I remember fondly when Tau killed a mouse for us, so we had something to stick in a ziploc bag and nail to Bne’s door.

    Wow, Tau and Bne really shouldn’t have ever lived together, should they?

    1. cenobyte Avatar

      Probably they shouldn’t have. But Bne antagonised her. She was only ever retaliatory.

      Perhaps that statement ought to be amended to read: Bne shouldn’t have lived with anyone, should he?


      In other news, Tau is eating well and is doing much better, so it might not be D-day for another week or so.

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